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Ditch the Tech

Ditching technology while running is an amazing feeling and can help you hit a new plateau. Sometimes people get too caught up in pointless numbers and cool new technology that claim to help getting in shape. Best thing to do is taking a breather from all this technology and realize that tech can only aid in your training.

The Paper Route

If you have become dependent on your phone for directions or music, leave it at home every once in while.Create your course before the run using Map My Run or Google Maps and then write down the route on a piece of folded paper.

Paper Route

I fold my paper down to about the size of a credit card, then copy the route and place it in a plastic bag to keep the route from getting sweaty or wet. This way I can hold on to it easier and if I do not need it anymore I can stash it in my runner shorts key pocket.

A lot of my RVA group runs use this method to help keep everyone on the same page for the route. Simply jotting down Left on Monument, jumping down the next line and writing Left on Sheppard makes it easy to go without tech while running. This can also add an interesting and fun twist to runs, especially if running in a group.


If music helps prevent boredom during a run, try going off road on local trails. You will be too worried about tripping over rocks and roots while trying to jump over a creek, that you will not have time to be bored.

Ditching your earbuds help you get more in tune with your surroundings. Take an minute to relax, listen to everything that is going on around you and run in the moment.

Save the music for track workouts, when you do not have to worry about getting run over and the music can pump you up for going fast.

Wearable Tech

If running with a Fitbit or some similar wearable tech that measures everything, I am close to saying ditch it all together and forget it, having stats for every single run you do is not necessary. But I can understand it helping in certain circumstances, like measuring heart rate during a run or keeping track of your splits/pace during a long race.

Ditch the Tech

I run with a simple digital start/stop watch and still occasionally leave that at home to take a break from any type of measurements. There are times during a long race, where I might ask a Garmin wearer his/her current pace as a guide, but most of the time it just hampers my efforts.

The point I am trying to get across is that you do not need this technology to get in shape or train. Cut back or eliminate your dependence on tech while running, you’ll have more fun and might set a new PR.

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