Harpers Ferry

Harper’s Ferry Trip

Made an amazing trip to Harper’s Ferry a few weekends ago and I am finally getting around to writing about it. If you have never been to Harper’s Ferry WV, I highly recommend it. The town itself is awesome and the hiking/views surrounding the town is amazing. The Appalachian Trail runs right through the center of town, so try and visit Spring-Fall for peak awesomeness.

Harper's Ferry
A member of the B&B welcoming committee

I got there there late afternoon on a Saturday (had a job interview with Fleet Feet sports, which I got by the way) and checked into a B&B about 20 minutes away, Mountainview B&B. There weren’t a lot of places to stay in the area at a decent price, so I jumped on this B&B without a ton of research.

I have never been in to a B&B, so I was initially skeptical, especially with the B&B so far away from Harper’s Ferry, but this place was amazing. Huge house on wide open farmland, surrounded by other amazing properties.

Harper's Ferry Bed & Breakfast View
B&B View

Once we parked and got out of the car, we were greeted by 2 lamp running up to us like dogs begging to be petted. Next came the actual dog, who rolled over on his back, asking for a belly rub. After a minute or two, we had a herd of lamb at our feet. My girlfriend was loving it and I was sold on the whole B&B before even going inside.

Our room ended up being the largest room and featured individual hammocks overlooking the beautiful backyard as well as a giant bathtub.

Harper's Ferry
Hammock Seat

That evening we made a quick stop in Harper’s Ferry for dinner, figured we would save the exploring for Sunday. Then we swung by Charles Town Casino for quick lesson on how to lose money fast. My girlfriend was not a happy camper afterwards.

Next day we had an awesome breakfast complete with eggs fresh from the property, chatted with a few of the other guests, then ventured back out to Harper’s Ferry.

Wrapping Up

This time we strolled through the town, stopped in a couple shops, and hiked the Maryland Heights trail. It’s a short hike and was pretty crowded, but the views were spectacular. Afterwards we grabbed lunch back in town, headed back home and capped the mini vacation off by eating at one of our favorite noodle bars.

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