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Ragnar Trail

If you are looking for an adventure, look no further than a Ragnar Trail Race. They are essentially an overnight trail relay race with teams of various sizes. The teams have one person running a designated loop while the rest waits for their turn; sleeping, eating, drinking or whatever else keeps them entertained. The Ragnar … Continue Reading

Three Ridges Trail Run

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was able to knock out a decent trail run on Three Ridges 30 miles south of Charlottesville. Yes, running is still on the back burner, but I had the day off, the sun was shining bright and the mountains were calling my name. And yes I am really late on … Continue Reading

My First Trail Ultra Experience

I knew choosing the Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Race as my first ultra was a big step, but I had to start somewhere.  I knew the area, had hiked some the trails on the course and the course seemed fun. But my first ultra ended in a big fat DNF, I had a lot … Continue Reading

Pre-Race Thoughts for Mountain Masochist

I am a  little scared for my race next weekend.  I would like to say all of my training has led to this race, but I have not put in as many miles as I know I should have.  But alas the time has come for my Mountain Masochist 50 mile trail ultra. This will … Continue Reading

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